11/11/2014 06:14 GMT | Updated 11/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Dapper Laughs May Be Sexist, But Let's Not Forget The Millions Who Helped Him Become Famous

At the moment Dapper Laughs (known to his mum as Daniel O'Reilly) is being accused of being The Most Revolting Sexist In The UK.

Last night an entire segment of BBC Newsnight was dedicated to discussing his comedic credentials and almost every media outlet in the country is keen to help dig the knife in.

It's not that I don't enjoy seeing a remarkably unfunny, misogynist lad fall from grace (believe me, I do), but let's not forget the millions of people - including a group of ITV television executives - who helped him shoot to fame, because they seem to be coming off lightly....

dapper laughs

Like Justin Bieber and countless others, Dapper Laughs started his 'career' on YouTube and Vine.

His short skits struck a chord with fellow lads (and no doubt a few lasses) around the UK. His fan base grew rapidly, as did his social media following. He now has no fewer than 1.7 million Facebook fans and 365,000 Twitter followers.

To put this in perspective, just 68,000 people signed the petition to remove his ITV2 show 'Dapper Laughs - On The Pull', which is almost the same number of people who liked, commented and shared his most recent Facebook post.

There is certainly an appetite for his 'sense of humour'. His first single 'Proper Moist' entered the UK chart at number 15.

His jokes provide is a mouthpiece for the millions of men (and women), young (and old), who fail to recognise sexism and misogyny when they see it. And who can't understand the danger it wields. And who often find it quite funny.

This problem doesn't stop with a bunch of poorly-educated young men - as many would believe - it is also true for people in positions of power and authority, as can be clearly seen with ITV2's decision to run the first series of his show.

Dapper Laughs isn't the only shining example of misogyny and violence against women to prove hugely popular of late. Take Julien Blanc, the 'DIY pick-up artist' in favour of using violence and emotional abuse to get women to have sex with them, or sites such as UniLad.

To hold Dapper Laughs up alone is unfair. The fact that he has so many fans is not so much to do with him as an individual, but indicates a far bigger problem in society - one that easily quantifiable as per the figures above.

Let's hope that the well-documented downfall of Dapper Laughs will mean more than just the end of one man's career. Hopefully people will realise that the laddish, misogynist era is slowly dying. Very slowly.