02/11/2013 20:23 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

The Week That Was: Running Scared

What did you do with your extra hour last Sunday? If Instagram were to be believed, I'd hazard a guess it was working on your Halloween costume.

Yep, forget Christmas, if there's a 'festival' worth getting dressed up for, Halloween appears to be very much it, with us Brits having taken a cue from our American cousins and embraced the event with gusto this year.

And while celebs up and down the country vamped things up for the paparazzi, our favourite star in the making has to be the incredibly cute Katie Kent - and her hard-working dad, Todd - who dressed up as Doctor Who... all eleven of them!

Away from pumpkins and cat costumes, it was a toss up this week as to who got the biggest fright.

The bosses of the 'Big Six' energy firms were in the main too scared to appear in front of the Commons energy and climate change committee, sending instead deputies and executives to answer MPs' tough questions on spiralling energy prices.

There was shock in Fleet Street as well, as a last-ditch attempt by The Press Standards Board of Finance - who represent a large majority of newspaper and magazine publishers - failed to block the government's Royal Charter over press regulation. The much talked about Charter, which has the backing of all three major political parties, was rubber stamped by the Privy Council in Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening. Hacked Off may be smiling - supporters Steve Coogan and Hugh Grant certainly looked pretty happy at the Halloween party they attended later in the week - but journalists and their editors most certainly are not.

If it was catfights you were after, this week brought plenty, with male TV personalities proving to have the longest talons.

On Sunday, Steve Coogan wrote an open letter to David Mitchell in the Observer - a response to a column Mitchell had written in the same paper previously - criticising his stance and generally slapping down all his arguments. (They're in disagreement over press regulation, if you're not up to speed.)

Then Mitchell's Peep Show peer, Robert Webb, got in on the act, criticising Russell Brand in an open letter published in The Spectator, which ended with the handbags-at-dawn sign-off: "In brief, and I say this with the greatest respect, please read some f*cking Orwell."

I could pass judgement, but The Guardian's Marina Hyde does it so much better.

And while all that was rumbling on in the papers, Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan proved they can squabble with the best of them during a rather heated Twitter spat that I'm not sure either actually won.

The biggest fright of the week though was reserved for Newsnight's more traditional viewers, who practically went into meltdown after seeing Kirsty Wark's (utterly brilliant) recreation of Michael Jackson's Thriller. Editor Ian Katz, or Batz as he renamed himself for the show's closing credits on Thursday, gets a hat-tip for best TV programming of the week.

A week of scares and no doubt plenty of fireworks in store for the days ahead.