09/10/2013 05:06 BST | Updated 08/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Third Metric and Love

There are many amazing things about doing what you love. Happiness. Calmness. A sense of alignment between your passion and how you choose to invest your time and energy. Waking up knowing that the small action steps on your to-do list will bring you closer to you big goal, has a very positive impact on our souls.

For me, working as an Executive Coach gives me that kind of peace. The knowing that I can help bright, brilliant people to regroup, re-focus and change their personal definition of success.

Exchanging the superficial facade for the pursuit of our purpose, provides a much deeper sense of happiness and calmness. I feel gratitude in every fibre of my being, when a client leaves my office saying "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You", all the way to the front door. My definition of success has changed.

It's remarkable how my life has transformed since becoming vulnerable and honest about my deepest desires...

Since I have swopped 14 hour work days for a schedule that excites me...

Since I have decided to never walk in anyone's shadow again...

Since I took the decision to say "Screw it" and become the most powerfully unique version of myself.

Power comes with deciding to step into what makes you different.

After struggling with an unbalanced lifestyle in highly powered positions in the corporate world, it took courage to step back and dream about what I truly want. The picture of where I wanted to be - the "5 Year Plan" if you will, was completely tainted by other people's opinions and personal beliefs.

Growing up in circumstances of poverty and violence followed by the cut-throat corporate world didn't' help the situation. I never allowed myself to think big. It would be considered unrealistic in my environment.

It was only once I allowed myself to do more personal exploration that I uncovered what my personal deepest desires were and at that stage, I found that I was not living in line with my core identity. I was living in line with the world's definition of success.

At first, when sharing my true goals I felt exposed. Very vulnerable. Slowly I started turning these goals into action steps. With every tick on my new to-do list I gained a bit more confidence, a bit more power. Initial feelings of vulnerability were steadily replaced by exhilarating power. I started to show myself the love and self-belief that was needed in order to step away from the lifestyle that caused me pain.

Whenever we are setting goals, envisioning our purpose, we need to really be clear of what results we want to see in our lives. It must be for us. Not what we think our parents would want for us or what others would want for us. It's important at this stage or junction in your life to know you may take the road less taken. You can paint a path for others to follow.

If we have been following a path someone else has worn out, it's time for us to look at what we would really like to have. What will be the results we would love to see... and then be brave enough to go into unfamiliar territory.

Ultimately, third metric comes down to love.

Do you love and support yourself enough to step into the balanced and successful life that you are secretly thinking of?

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