07/06/2017 05:19 BST | Updated 07/06/2017 05:19 BST

How To Win The General Election? Do A Greg Knight

Sir Greg Knight - an obscure figure only known to the most devoted of political followers. Or that was the case until Tuesday morning when his campaign video went viral due to the catchy jingle that sent social media into a storm.

The campaign video, which can be viewed above, delighted the electorate and became one of the most talked about moments of the whole 2017 campaign.

Even Boris Johnson calling Jeremy Corbyn a 'mutton-headed old mugwump' cannot top the sheer brilliance of Mr Knight's 'creative' mind.

So what makes the video so funny? Well, we can instantly rule out Greg Knight, the 51-year-old seeking re-election as MP for East Yorkshire. And indeed, the first 30 seconds of the clip makes any sane person want to gouge their eyes out with an eggcup as Mr Knight awkwardly repeats and rephrases Theresa May's sordid catchphrases over the past two months.

In my eyes, what makes the video such a success is not only the song but also the absolute shambolic amateur production. From the badly taped posters stuck on the walls, to the random office worker making an appearance at the start of the video, it is a masterclass what not to do when making a video.

But let's not also overlook the hilarious walk-in Mr Knight did at the start of the video. Maybe he wanted a big surprise reveal when he entered the room, with fanfare, pomp and ceremony greeting him. Instead, he looks like he has been taken hostage as he badly recites his lines under the duress of Mrs May.

The lesson here for all candidates seeking election is to make a blurry video, have a charisma transplant and ensure you create an amazing song!

This isn't the first General Election where Mr Knight has used a song to get his message across. As can be viewed in the video above, the full version is over three minutes long!

"Hey! Don't you know Greg Knight's been working hard for you?

"Hey! He's been working hard for East Yorkshire too.

"Hey! Don't you know Greg Knight's a winner through and through

"Hey! And he'll do the best that he can do"

Many of us are laughing at Mr Knight and his shoddy videos, but in actual fact, could he actually be a secret genius? The video went viral less than two days before polls opened and with the catchy words now stuck in all of our minds, will it affect how we vote? If the Conservatives get an increased majority on Thursday, I will blame it purely on this song!

Whether we are laughing at him or with him, I think we can all unite and agree that the video amused us if nothing else. I also hope we can agree that cheesy election songs are the future, and I expect to see many more in 2022!

P.S. Yes, Greg Knight has actually been MP for East Yorkshire since 2001. This is not satire!