14/01/2016 12:43 GMT | Updated 14/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Why Mars the God of War Should Step Down and Move Aside for Bowie - The God of Liberation

We all have our unique quirks and traits that make us purely alien and individual. Most of us keep those things to ourselves, keep them sacred or even hide them. Sometimes these things explode out of our stewing minds with spontaneous aplomb. For example, just a couple of days ago I started a petition on, but more about that in a bit.

David Bowie propagated his alien attributes, cultivated them and made them universal - a conduit for artistic expression. By doing so he tapped into all of us and told us all it was okay to be different. I say "all" rather than "most" simply because I've personally never heard of or met anyone whom Bowie doesn't mean at least something in some way, shape or form and the connection he made with people's true inner selve(s) is an intimate bond. I am also of course drawing a parallel between his individuality and his fascination of the unknown, the discoverable infiniteness of the universe and his daring, unwavering boldness to explore without fear of criticism or question; a thing he also confronted and met head on with vigour, stealth and ultimate confidence. I felt massive kinship with Mr Bowie growing up. I was an artist and musician living in South East London, wearing make up and trying to look wild, much to the ferocious opinion and aggression of the lad culture hiving around me day to day.

On Monday morning we all woke up to that devastating news. We all took to social media to articulate our feelings and as a huge fan of Bowie since being a child I could not unscramble my head from the emotions within and the outpouring of others already spilling out. Words just couldn't cut it. And I thought to myself, "imagine if a planet were to be named after him as the ultimate tribute to the starman himself" (not a star, we can all have a "star" named after ourselves for a tenner - just go on groupon on the lead up to valentines day). Then I said out loud to someone "THEY SHOULD RENAME MARS!!!"... The idea got met with ridicule and scoffs of preposterousness. It was the response I needed to solidify it as a fitting tribute - so I started a petition on If all ideas were instantly put to bed due to cries of "IT CAN'T BE DONE" or "DON'T BE INSANE", quashed by exclamation of absurdity, we'd never have had Bowie in the first place. Ideas are drawn to the universe hence why we have incredible urges to do magical, amazing or absurd things in equal measure. In spite of all odds, people play the lottery to win millions, not to lose £2.

David Bowie was a pioneer. The first to embark on a vast array of uncharted turf musically, visually and often philosophically. Chaotic galactic ripples that stem from his work have even influenced exterior forces to bring unimaginable first-time circumstances to bloom, like astronaut Chris Hadfield playing a beautiful acoustic rendition of Space Oddity actually from space. Everything he did, whether it be the execution or the interpretation, was ground-breaking. He delivered this gift of invention tirelessly right up until his last days. Even posthumously discoveries are being made about his Blackstar LP and the mysteries and messages within. And now as this week draws to a mournful close, no less than 15 of Bowie's albums are in the official UK album charts with his latest and last set to top it.

So there I was with my first ever petition on for what I considered would be signed by friends and family as a nice tribute to the passing of the greatest man of generations. On the flip side my wildest dream for it would that it would spatter out of control beyond my own stratospheric expectations. A few days later and several thousand signatures in and there we go. After all this wasn't about me, this was about David Bowie, but it's an absolute honour to have contributed something to our hero.