Geronimo's owner says she's willing to "stand in the way of any gunman who comes to destroy" him.
Durham Police said Boris Johnson's top adviser "might" have breached lockdown rules during trip to the north-east.
One voice alone can start a change. Many voices together can achieve what seems the impossible
So far, the offbeat casting suggestion is winning lots of support.
Calls are growing for the introduction of a 5p charge on disposable coffee cups to combat huge numbers ending up in landfill
With our second baby on the way we looked closely, and very excitedly, at the shared parental leave situation, and set about doing our sums. Maybe I could take four months, and my partner take five, and we overlap in the middle? Maybe we could both be off for a chunk of time and make it work? Nope.
For people in Brian's shoes, it's difficult to speak-up. Brian wouldn't want to cause a fuss. But knowing that my friend could lose everything, and that I could lose my friend, I started this petition on in hope that the Home Office would pay attention and see that this decision was wrong. What happened next, was incredible.
A few weeks ago, a young woman appeared on the BBC's Big Questions - but this woman wasn't there to discuss religion or moral issues but the positive effect that her petition had on her life and millions of other women. Her name is Laura Coryton and she led the campaign to end the tampon tax - anyone who watched George Osborne's budget last year will have seen her success.