24/12/2013 05:14 GMT | Updated 22/02/2014 05:59 GMT

All Change: Homeland Finale Ends in Tragedy and Comedy

Long live Nicholas Brody...You knew Damian Lewis' character in Homeland couldn't survive because his presence back in the USA could never be explained to the public. He was a convert to terrorism in America's eye. So, the heroic Brody met his maker, not from an Iranian noose but from Shakespearian tragic resolution.

Yet, the final episode in Series 3 couldn't end like that. There had to be some comic relief. That came four months later when a highly pregnant Carrie (Clare Danes) is informed she is being made section chief in Istanbul.

The humour here is that a CIA agent, diagnosed as bi-polar, in and out of mental hospitals, who tried to betray the CIA by going to the press, about to give birth to Brody's baby after seeing her lover double crossed by the CIA and executed, is offered the post. And, even more amazingly immediately accepts the job.

I mean here was a woman who was sectioned, shot and double crossed by her employer, which also had her lover killed. Yet, she still wants to work for the Company.

To top this off, she doesn't want to keep the baby because it would conflict with her new job. Is this what having it all is all about? Or maybe the kid would simply complicate things for the script writers who have now dispensed with most of the original cast. After all the child is a Brody.

Season 3 was a bit of a downer, not just because Brody was killed, but more so by the writer's block the writers seemed to have in developing the plot after the CIA massacre in Season 2. Instead they resorted to a pad job to waste time on a needless side plot involving Brody's troubled daughter.

Then there was more emotional trauma for Carrie and her attempt to defend Brody She resorted to an attempt to sell her story to a Washington newspaper, only to have this laughably aborted when the newspaper editor called her superiors while her interview was taking place. The cops arrive at the paper and carry her off to a mental ward. I found this episode especially absurd.

It's a good bet with Brody gone, which he was for most of Series 3, Homeland may become more news topical with the changing developments in the Middle East. The writers obviously rewrote the ending of Series 3 with the new nuclear deal with Iran a reality.

If Carrie actually does go to Turkey, which is still questionable...,she may relent and decide to be a mum instead... she could become involved in the Syrian situation. But she's not there yet. It remains to be seen what she will do. Then there's the question of the popular Mandy Patinkin (Saul). Will he remain in the private sector or be called back to the CIA? Only the writers will know.

But Series 4 could also have a big twist when it's revealed that Carrie's real goal is revenge against those who betrayed Brody.