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It's Time To Tell Your MP How You Feel About Brexit

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Does the thought of Brexit scare you?

Well, now is the time to do something about it.

Last week, the High Court ruled that the Government cannot trigger Article 50 without parliamentary approval. In short, this means that Theresa May cannot trigger Article 50 without first consulting the people who are elected to represent us, which means that there's a very real possibility that Brexit could be delayed. It also gives you another chance to get your voice heard, and to pass your opinions on to somebody who gets paid to listen to them.

So, what can you do to help?

It's simple, really. Write to your MP. Tell them how you feel. Share your stories, and your personal experiences of how Brexit has already affected you.

Maybe you're a small business owner whose suppliers have hiked their prices in anticipation of a post-Brexit economic crash. Maybe you're going on holiday, and you're now getting far fewer euros for your pounds than you were six months ago. Heck, maybe you were just a bit peeved when Tesco temporarily stopped stocking Marmite.

Your voice matters. It can make a difference, and it will if enough of us work together. Your MP is elected to represent you: how can they do that if you don't tell them how you feel?

It's not just me who thinks that it's important for you to get in touch with your MP, either:

There's just no reason not to write to them.

If you're not sure of your MP's address - or even of who your MP is - just head to this website. You can type in your postcode, and it'll give you all the information you need. It only takes a couple of minutes to write to them, but it could make a difference. What have you got to lose?

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