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How to Learn to Win Again

Sometimes in life we have moments of hardship and times where you start to lose hope. Below is my five step plan to win again...

Sometimes in life we have moments of hardship and times where you start to lose hope. Below is my five step plan to win again.

1.Don't look back at past successes or failures, look forward.

It's sometimes tempting to look back at your past successes to make you feel better or to feed your ego but this in the long-term doesn't work and will only hold you back.

You must use the knowledge of your past successes to move you forward to wining in the present or the future.

The same goes for your past failures, it can fill your mind with doubt and create a sense of urgency to never repeat them. It takes courage to move on and move forward.

2.Have Hope

One of the greatest attributes you can have is hope. It can drive you on to greater things and comfort you when things aren't going as well as you would like them too. It is hope that drives persistence to lead on and never back down in the face of a struggle but rise to the occasion and fight on.

If you lose hope, take time to untangle the reasons why you may be loosing hope, take a minute or a day or a week to rebuilt then find the courage to hope again.

3.Celebrate the small wins

A wise person once said to me "celebrate the small wins and the big wins will take care of themselves," if you get a bit of work done or start applying for jobs again after a rough patch, drinking a little less, going for a jog, whatever your situation is, it is imperative you celebrate these small wins and fight on to the big wins.

Small wins are not insignificant, they are the building blocks to success, fulfilment and happiness. The small wins give you the encouragement and the knowledge to keep on moving up.

4.Learn a new skill

It's important to learn a new skill that may push you over the threshold to winning again.

If you struggled with your public speaking in the past, take a public speaking course.

If your qualifications are holding you back, go back to college and gain some more qualifications.

Remember a new skill can only help you move forward towards winning again.

5.Don't doubt your ability to win

The most important thing to remember is that you don't doubt your own ability to win.

Maybe you feel less superior at work or maybe you feel because of your past you can't reach your goal.

This is false and doubting your ability will only turn into a self enabled prophecy.

Remember it doesn't matter where you have come from, it's where you are going that's important. Fight on and you will win.

My conclusion is that to win again you need to follow the five points above and with hope, perseverance and giving yourself a fighting chance you can start winning again.

Never give up. You can do it.