26/06/2014 05:47 BST | Updated 25/08/2014 06:59 BST

Jeremy Hunt's Mental Health Failures

Mr Hunt, the man who has failed a generation of young people suffering from mental health problems and there is no question about it.

Know many people have asked me how am I qualified to question a cabinet health minister on his decisions?

My answer is always that I have lived the inequality's that suffering from a mental health problem brings from the long waiting times for treatment to the lack of interest that politicians have shown to it.

I am in fact a young conservative party member but I simply believe in doing what is morally right and speaking up for something that I truly believe in.

I have suffered and so have so many honest and hardworking people who have sadly suffered from mental health problems.

They feel betrayed by Mr Hunt's immoral decision to cut Mental Health services that are already crumbling to the ground.

Mr Hunt seems to fail to realise these are peoples life's and I am not just talking about the sufferers but also the Pressure many mental health professionals feel on a daily basis from spending cuts that are simply disastrously thought out.

Know to make it more personal I suffered heavily from this in 2012 when I was suffering from an awful mental health problem.

Even though I went through so much pain and agony suffering daily like so many others.

In my case and many others it takes a suicide attempt for quicker treatment and too often for children and young people it's too late.

Know Mr Hunt needs to open his eyes and look out of his swanky office and deliver a change that will not leave young people's life's cut short but good mental health care that matches that of physical health.

The fact is that the minister for health is not the only one to blame a good example is Birmingham city council which cut their mental health budget from £2.3 million in 2010-11 to £125,000 in 2014-2015 an astounding drop of 94%.

Mr Hunt needs to lead like a health minister should on mental health and I have seen from personal experience from suffering from these inequality's and how difficult it is to receive Phycoligical early intervention from the NHS.

The way things are can simply not go on and i am seeing a car crash ahead and mr hunt needs to learn how to use the brakes or he faces more lifes being lost from these cuts.

Danny Bowman