spending cuts

The health service is expected to get a funding boost for its 70th anniversary.
If the government does not change course and listen to frontline pharmacists desperately trying to make them see sense, I foresee a desperately bleak future for community pharmacy and indeed the whole of the NHS - a hole in the high street and in the chain of healthcare that will never be filled.
With the chaos of a hard Tory Brexit looming - and the continuing obsession with austerity and scapegoating of minority groups that this will bring - we must continue to hold this Government to account and fight for a fairer society for disabled people.
How much further can we go before we are forced to admit that continuously saving money could mean we have to rescue education? The conversation must continue, but its focus needs to change. Let's stop talking about cuts and start talking about investment.
Despite its manifesto promises, the Conservative government, elected in 2015 on the promise that 'the amount of money following your child into school will be protected' is cutting funding for our children. At any moment in history, that would anger parents, but in the current political context it is reckless and shoddy.
The media has become very vocal on both the worldly threats to everyone, and also have their own strange take on disability
Post-truth politics are in full effect at the Department for Education. In response to the growing clamour surrounding the biggest cuts to school funding in a generation, Ministers keep trotting out the same line; that they are spending more on education than ever before.
In order to save money in the future and to make our NHS sustainable, I believe the evidence shows that we must invest more in preventative medicine and in informing the lifestyle choices of the public. Supporting people to live independently healthy lives is just as important as treating ill health when it occurs.
A recent report by Mencap has revealed that due to cuts to day centres, nearly a third of local authorities have closed day
I am slightly stunned that this council has voted this plan through but I feel this is a small example of the country's problems at large. Just as this council seek to sacrifice a genuine force for good at the alter of finance, the Prime Minister sought to cut disabilities benefits with one hand and take tax free gifts with the other...