05/06/2017 09:39 BST | Updated 05/06/2017 09:39 BST

The CWU Is Calling On Postal Workers To Use Their Community Influence This Election

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CWU Calls on Postal Workers to use community influence in General Election

The Communication Workers Union has today taken the unprecedented step of writing to all members asking them to use their influence, trust and bond with local communities across the country.

Our Postal Workers go to 26 million addresses, 6 days a week and are amongst the most trusted figures in the UK.

A copy of a letter by our Deputy General Secretary (Postal), Terry Pullinger and myself, which has been sent to every Royal Mail workplace in the country is below.

We now have less than a week before one of the most important general elections we can remember.  On 8th June everyone in this country will have a clear choice about the future - this time around it can't be said that all politicians are the same or that it doesn't matter who you vote for. 


You will make up your own mind about how to vote this week.  But with Labour's pledge to renationalise Royal Mail we have a once in a generation opportunity to bring it back into public ownership and end the relentless drive for profit that increases the pressure on your daily workload and the threats to your job, pension, terms and conditions.


‎If Labour gets in, as an employee, the value of your shares will be protected, privatisation will be reversed and we will be able to tackle unfair competition head on.  Labour are offering a better deal for all workers and as part of this crucial wider strategy, we can bring to an end a labour market that currently operates like the wild west.  


The above are things this union has long fought for and they will support and assist us in standing up to Royal Mail again with our four pillars campaign.


Alongside our industry aims, we have secured commitments in Labour's manifesto on issues that CWU members have told us to campaign on: to end the housing crisis with a massive programme of housebuilding, for significant extra funding for the NHS and for a whole range of strong new employment and trade union rights.  Whatever your views on it in the past, Labour is now standing up for working people in this country. 


‎If we are going to deliver this change on 8 June, we need your help.  We are asking you to talk to your friends, talk to your family, talk to the public and ask them to vote Labour.


As a postal worker, serving every community in this country, you can have a unique role.  Please consider helping us to help you bring about real change in the interests of you job, our industry and the vast majority of people in the UK.


The country needs a core change in values.  Only Labour will deliver this.

Dave Ward is the General Secretary of the Communication Workers Union (CWU)