Why I'm Still Pursuing Tony Blair

22/11/2012 17:05 GMT | Updated 22/01/2013 10:12 GMT

Last week at Highgate Magistrates' Court, in answer to my interrupting Tony Blair whilst he was giving evidence at the Leveson Inquiry, I was found guilty of causing him 'harassment, alarm or distress', and ordered to pay a £100 fine plus £250 costs.

The Leveson Inquiry was set up specifically to look into the lies and deceit of others. Some might just scream double hypocrisy when one also considers the harassment, alarm or distress caused to the families of well over half a million lives lost as the John Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health estimated (654,965 up until 2006) let alone the harassment alarm or distress to those families still giving birth to deformed babies in Fallujah.

As a nation, just as with Hillsborough, we are being asked to turn a blind eye to what millions of us believe - that former prime minister Tony Blair, in a conspiracy with George W. Bush, deceived us into a corrupt and illegal Iraq war that took the lives of well over half a million people. Since he has left office it's been reported that he has accumulated well over £60million on the back of his lies.

Knowing that Iraq was crippled from 10 years of sanctions, George W. Bush and Tony Blair believed the war would be over in months. No one would then care or notice, five years later, the business deals that would follow.

Blair predicted that after he left office it would all be old news, swept under the carpet. However, just six months after he left office, and while the war was still raging with hundreds of lives being lost every week, he was already starting to sign deals.

The world is now perilously close to another war in the Middle East. I believe if we could bring Bush and Blair to trial for their war crimes, there will be an enormous shake up in the world which would open the door to talks.

Just before the case last Friday, I received two emails of support from two Nobel Peace Laureates - Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Mairead Maguire:

Archbishop Tutu wrote:

Dear David,

The world needs more people like you. I hope the court finds in your favour that people should not abuse their freedom nor their authority. We have agitated for this and similar causes. I say to younger folk that they should reach for the stars, be idealistic and take on the baton which some of us might pass on to them. I give you mine in this instance. Go for it. I thank those who have come to support you,

God bless you

+Desmond Tutu

Mairead Maguire said:

I publicly and whole heartedly support David Lawley Wakelin's stance, that current Prime Minister, David Cameron, should open a criminal investigation into Tony Blair's dealings, conduct and deceptions, which led to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Further, that the matter should be referred to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, as has been eloquently addressed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The lies that Blair told not only the House of Commons but the nation, deceiving us into the Iraq war, have been highlighted many times. Along with Mairead Maguire and Archbishop Tutu, I now ask David Cameron to open a criminal investigation and have Anthony Charles Lynton Blair referred to the International court in the Hague for crimes against peace.

If you support this letter please copy it to David Cameron at