28/08/2013 10:17 BST | Updated 28/10/2013 05:12 GMT

We Can Twerk It Out

There's a history of controversial musical television performances from Madonna snogging Britney & Christina, Janet Jackson's alleged wardrobe malfunction (i.e., breast flashing), Prince with bottom cheeks exposing trousers... but I'm confused why people are up in arms about Miley's VMA performance. I can't pinpoint their reason. I assume it's simply because it was Miley Cyrus. Personally my main problem is she just didn't pull it off very well.

She arrived on stage wearing an ironic teddy with a bear on the front. Miley seemed to place more focus on sticking her tongue out and twerking all over the place rather than her vocal which was weak.

What was wrong with a 20-year-old pop star duetting on Robin Thicke's performance of Blurred Lines whilst wearing a flesh coloured bra/knickers combo? Lest we forget, she replicated what the girls wore in his video for the song - the version they actually had bras on that is. Ok, they weren't rubber like Miley's but at least she wasn't re-enacting the topless version.

In fact, she probably had more flesh covered than in Lady Gaga's performance climax.

We're more than used to seeing "good girl gone bad" Rihanna's bits on show but then she was never Hannah Montana.

Singers are entertainers and they want to put on a good show, but why the need for provocative, overtly sexual behaviour?

Surely the gesticulation with a phallic foam finger was more inappropriate than the clothes or dancing - or rather, lack of both.

I can understand why Miley wants to break away from her Disney image in much the same way that Britney & Christina did but there are more mature ways of progressing into adulthood than cavorting around looking cheap and nasty.

I don't think I'd ever heard a Miley Cyrus song until this. I'm more au fait with her Dad.

Speaking of, I wonder how Billy Ray's Achy Breaky Heart is holding up.

It seems most of the pop males are wearing suits but they're still surrounded by scantily clad females. Women can still be sexy without being sexual.

I think somewhere the lines really have become blurred.