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Chill-Out With This Super Easy and Relaxing Five Minute Breathing Meditation


Even though there are hundreds of effective meditation techniques, I would like to introduce you to a simple meditation technique called "Breathing Meditation." It's easy to do anywhere, anytime and it only take 5 minutes! A small investment for your own peace and well-being.

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Alternatively, you could take the easy approach and listen to it as a guided meditation, where all you have to do is click here or on the video below and then listen to my voice and follow my instructions.

Here are the Steps to follow in order to try a 5-15 minute breathing meditation.

***Step 1 - Set Your Timer - For 5-15 minutes.

***Step 2 - Get Comfortable and Breathe -

Wherever you're meditating, allow your body to relax and take your first few cleansing breaths.

***Step 3 - Keep Breathing -

Slowly allow your body to breathe normally, in and out, through your nose. Concentrate on the air flowing in and out of your body. Feel it rush through your nose and fill your lungs.

***Step 4 - Get & Stay Focused -

Focus all of your attention on your breathing, relaxing every time you feel your muscles beginning to tense. Especially, pay particular attention to the sensation of the breath flowing in and out of your nose. When your attention wanders, as it most likely will, simply notice what is happening and return your focus to the air flowing in and out of your body.

You may spend most, or even all, of your time at first re-directing your attention to your breathing. Do not be discouraged. This is a natural part of the practice, a wonderful experience of observing your thoughts and feelings through the eyes of your true self, your spirit.

Continue until you hear the sound of your timer.


Through this and all meditation practice, you will be able to connect with your INNATE SELF and become who you really are, more and more, every day.

I wish you all the best with your Breathing Meditation practice. For the next 30 days, try to incorporate it into your life twice a day, every day, as this is the way to master meditation and make it a daily habit for your success and well-being.


Dr. Michelle Nielsen

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