01/07/2016 13:22 BST | Updated 01/07/2017 06:12 BST

Don't Fall Flat on Your Face From Burnout... Prevent It

Co-authored by Dr Bev McLagan (The Burnout Queens). UK's leading coaches for highly sensitive women and burnout.


The Burnout Queens regularly hear that we actually make burnout "cool, sexy, and funky"! We've even had someone tell us that they "wished they were burned-out so they could join the realm!" Great!

We love the enthusiasm BUT you definitely don't have to be flat on your face from burnout to be a Burnout Queens. Not at all! Our biggest hope is that you stop living a burnout lifestyle and prevent yourself from falling flat on your face from burnout. (In fact, burnout makes you accident prone so falling flat on your face is more than just a turn of phrase! Would you believe it, one of our lovely Burnout Queens actually did take a dive and broke her beautiful nose!)

If we could pick just one thing from our repertoire of wisdom that would prevent you from burning out what would we pick? That's easy! Put yourself Front & Centre in your life. That means you taking you and your life seriously.

We wouldn't think of implying that you aren't serious about everything you do in life (some of you even get serious about playing) but really, truly, we know your natural tendency is to make sure that everybody else has everything they need and want, done and dusted, before you focus on yourself! And then you know what happens don't you. You either don't feel you have enough time left for yourself, or you are too darn tired to care about caring for yourself!

There are so many advantages to putting yourself 'Front & Centre' in your life, but here's the crowning glory. When you live from that place of being Front & Centre in your own life, you will follow your dreams, find your interests, acknowledge your needs, know what you want, choose healthy relationships, and embrace being the highly sensitive woman you really are.

Sound too good to be true? What's the catch? (tick, tick, tick...thinking) that's right, there is none! Life only gets better and better when you choose living Front & Centre. The only thing that can get in your way (ok maybe a couple) is listening to other people who actually like you putting them first (I'm sure you all have one or two of these in your life, I know I do) or listening to the Mind Chatter that is going on in your head,( shhh, listen...) "I can't put myself first I have kids; I'm being selfish; It's not nice to be self-centred; Who do you think you are? I can't ask for that, I'll be a nuisance." That's Mind Chatter whispering or shouting at you to get back in line (that would be behind everyone else in your life)! Being Front & Centre means believing in yourself and all of your gifts and strengths. When you do, you will show up BIG TIME in your and all! That means more you for you, and more you for those other important people in your life. It's a win all around!

We encourage you to take time to practice this new attitude! We know it will be a stretch to think about putting you first, so here's a great way to set you on the right path.

Here's one great tip!

Visualisation! Imagine a big ballroom and at one end is a gorgeous velvet and gilt throne; make it any colour you want. This is where you need to be, this is where you are headed. It is from this throne that you will direct your life. See yourself walking straight down that red carpet, donning your tiara and taking your seat. Sit tall, settle in and make yourself comfy.

Brava! You have just taken your first and most important step to banishing burnout! You are Front & Centre in your life.

Love, The Burnout Queens xx