02/05/2016 18:07 BST | Updated 03/05/2017 06:12 BST

How Classy Is the Brexit Debate and Should Dave Step Down If He Loses?

British premier David Cameron has put his name down for the United Kingdom to stay in the EU. All the while, the pro-Brexit camp is mobilising its forces to bolster the case for what they think constitutes reclaiming the UK's sovereignty in the face of an unhealthy encroachment by mainland Europe, some getting anti-migrant sentiments mixed up in the process.

Statistically speaking, Dave being in favour of the UK staying in the EU doesn't come as a surprise. The Eton and Oxford educated upper-class member with alleged offshore-dealings doesn't stick out in this matter. While there is a strong Tory camp resenting the perceived shift of political power from Whitehall to Brussels, most members of the more privileged classes would prefer to remain in the Union, some venting major misgivings about the Brexiteers.

As the Statista infographic based on ICM figures shows, the posher parts of the country are mostly in favour of staying put, while the less well-off seemingly want to get out.


Then there remains the question if Dave should go, if after the referendum on 23 June it emerges that a majority of British voters are in favour of Brexiting. Most respondents (48%) of a recent poll by Ipsos think he should resign as prime minister. However, the stick-it-out-with-Dave camp doesn't trail far behind: 44% could bear to keep him on, even if the country leaves the Union.

Interestingly enough, there is a group of ominous one-percenters, who want him to do neither. So, we're left with the question: Is there a third way? Can Dave the Wizard step down and not do it at the same time? With Dave you never know.