working class

This pandemic has not been the great leveller: it has thrived in the chasms of a deeply unequal society, writes Ash Sarkar.
Where socialising in pubs is an important working class British tradition, Black barbershops and hair salons have long-been revered as safe spaces for people to convene and really be seen in more ways than one. These black hair styling business owners talk about what it means to be open after Covid-19 lockdown and why they are unique community hubs.
It’s no coincidence people are zoning in on a brand associated with working class shoppers, and calling them stupid, Jessica Evans writes.
A record number of people are dying, and working class people in Dundee aren't surprised, journalist Ewan Gurr writes.
Single mothers were deemed "uppity and irresponsible" and working class men "feckless and hopeless" in a column which has now resurfaced.
Climate change protests won’t be taken seriously if they continue to cause clashes within communities, argues writer Sharan Dhaliwal.
In the working class, we teach ourselves our place is at the bottom. But our experience is as valid as anyone’s, and we need to stop hiding.
Ultimately, the white working class narrative serves no useful purpose other than to maintain the current unequal system and keep both the BAME working class and the white working class out in the cold. We need to reframe the relationship between race and class.
"They can feel they need to dress differently, speak differently and pretend to understand cultural references they’re not familiar with."
If there had been higher prices on ‘unhealthy’ food when I was a kid, I would have gone to bed hungry