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Why Boris Johnson Playing the Hitler Card Was So, So Wrong

The irony that Boris played the Hitler card is stomach churning when you consider Adolf would have loved both his blond hair and his extreme right wing politics and he would have hated Jeremy Corbyn.

So Boris played the Hitler card.


And only a couple of week's ago his colleague, Zac Goldsmith, played the terrorist card, in a flat out attempt to derail Sadiq Khan with bare-faced lies, as the "terrorist" he tried to link Sadiq to was actually a prominent Tory, whose hand Zac had shaken at a fundraiser to persuade more Muslim people to vote Conservative.

Things are escalating fast, and I feel duty bound to say something about the Brexit debate that I think is being missed by most people.

Britain as a part of Europe is something that's close to my heart. My father, then MP for Leominster, was one of the people who took us in, under Ted Heath's government in the mid Seventies, and I've long since considered myself as European in many ways.

With this as my backbone, you may be surprised that I was genuinely impressed by Brexit's only credible spokesperson Michael Gove's intelligent and compelling speeches on the subject, so much so that part of me even started to question whether it's right for us, in the long term, to be a part of a united Europe. The man does make a very good argument... the line about our fighting a civil war to have our destiny forged by our own parliament represents a particularly strong and emotive reason to leave... but that very argument is the torpedo that sinks the Brexit ship.

I can't believe more people aren't seeing this, it's so glaringly obvious.

What I'm not going to do here is regurgitate any of the arguments why it would be good to stay or to leave, you've heard them all, from people much more intelligent and erudite than me.

I'm just going to point something out that is as plain as the nose on your face.

When you boil it right down, when you distill each argument to its essence, we come down to this: Less power to Brussels means more power to David Cameron, George Osborne and Jeremy Hunt.

By voting to leave Europe, we will be voting all of that power to a coven of high functioning sociopaths, a government so catastrophically out of touch with the common man, a boogle of weasels hellbent on destroying everything that is good and great about this country: From the BBC and the NHS, to fracked common-land and the humble British bee.

Here's the thing: We KNOW what these people are like, they've had years to prove to us that they are the kinds of human beings you would trust to run a country, and all they have done is prove the opposite to be true, time and time again.

Michael Gove's argument ultimately holds no water because of the fundamental issue of democracy. A democracy only works if there is electable opposition, and I am heartbroken to say that is not the case in the UK. We all know it, everyone talks about it openly on radio, TV, in newspapers and in the few pubs left that haven't been turned into apartments and gymnasiums by friends of those in government now. The brilliant poet and wordsmith, Benjamin Zephaniah, said it best when he appeared on BBC Newsnight last week: "Jeremy Corbyn shouldn't be in politics". He meant that as a compliment, and I quote him as such right now: Jeremy Corbyn is a wonderful human being. You couldn't genetically engineer a nicer politician.

In an ideal world he would make a fantastic prime minister. But this is not an ideal world. It is a far from ideal one, run by a few families that have, for over a hundred years, been raping the planet for the crudest financial gain. With our eccentric ex-mayor comparing the EU to Nazis, don't even get me started on Henry Ford building HItler's war machine and suing the US government for bombing his factories in Germany, or The Rothschild's interests in the coalmines of Auschwitz and the slave labour they used from concentration camps across eastern Europe, or the Bush family funding a political dynasty with the gold stolen from the pockets and teeth of doomed Jewish people, it's too sickening for words and if you know your history, you know this already.

The point I'm trying to make is that these people are THE DARK SIDE. Their friends, in this country, are the David Camerons, the George Osbornes, the Jeremy Hunts and Boris Johnsons. The irony that Boris played the Hitler card is stomach churning when you consider Adolf would have loved both his blond hair and his extreme right wing politics and he would have hated Jeremy Corbyn.

That's why I'm voting to stay in Europe and why you must too.

Because I believe in GOOD. The Conservative government are the BAD GUYS and we have to do everything we can to stop them.

The awful truth is that Cameron and Osborne would love it if all the power currently held in Brussels was theirs, but they know that if we leave, it will plunge Sterling down so far that the Euro and the pound will be worth the same, and that all their obscenely rich friends in China and Russia will stop investing in the UK. The resulting economic melt-down would see their vigorous private incomes slashed and their future in government jeopardised.

We KNOW the cut of their gibs, we KNOW what they want to do and what they are capable of.

The selling off of the BBC, the greatest single thing about the UK is "a tempting prospect". Baddies in films always say what they're going to do before they do it, and so does this nest of vipers.

I'm not entirely comfortable with a faceless, non elected official in Brussels making decisions for me either, but what are the chances of that person being as horrible, as downright evil as the atrocious human beings running this country now? I've met a lot of people in my life and I can say, hand on heart, that the majority of them are nice. Nice, normal people. I'd rather gamble my future on the random Eurocrats in charge being decent human beings, than throw the meat of our destiny to the pack of slavering wolves in Government now.

I would truly rather gamble anything I own, my home, my job, my son's future, on some random person in Brussels because I know I've got a better chance with anyone, any random individual in the world, being a better person than our Prime Minister and his fetid cohort.

I truly believe that Sociopaths, people who are, by definition, incapable of sympathy or empathy are the scourge of the modern world and the modern world is being over-run by them.

We are at a desperate point in our future and I cannot believe that we are even considering handing the only power left out of their hands, straight into their hands.

Anything to keep power away from these people, in my eyes, and the eyes of any normal, caring human being, can only be a good thing.

Don't vote to leave Europe, don't even vote to stay in Europe, vote to keep the only decisions left for this country out of the hands of those most ill equipped to make them on our behalf.