20/04/2017 12:48 BST | Updated 20/04/2017 12:49 BST

Why You Should Vote Conservative On 8 June

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

So we're off, and on 8 June this nation will go to the polls once again - but this time the stakes are much higher than ever before. This election leaves us with a clear choice. A choice of stability and a clear vision for Brexit provided by Theresa May and the Conservative Party, or the other choice, a Labour Party lead by Jeremy Corbyn with no clear vision on Brexit and a party that cannot unite behind him.

This election is a chance for voters to make sure Brexit happens. Only the Conservative Party have promised to make sure that not only will Brexit happen, but that they'll secure a good deal for all of Britain. Whereas with Labour, we see no clear plan or aims for any potential negotiations if they were to somehow win this election. Whether it's controlling immigration, securing new trade agreements with other countries or taking control of our own laws, Theresa May is the only woman who has promised to secure these vital things that under a year ago Britons convincingly voted for in the EU Referendum.

When asked what their plan is for Brexit, Labour quite simply have no answers for the British people, only soundbites that may roll off the tongue easily but don't give real answers to the real issues on Brexit that people care about. It's become quite clear that if you vote Labour, you will get no assurances over ending the free movement of people, no assurances over making new free trade deals, no assurances over taking back control of our own statute book. and no assurances over bringing an end to the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the UK.

It's not just Brexit that should be considered when we go to the polls in under two months time. During this time of change for Britain we need a leader that will stand strong in the upcoming negotiations, a leader that won't crumble under the pressure of negotiating with 27 EU nations.

The choice is clear. You can have Theresa May with a united party behind her fighting for every single Briton, making sure she secures the best possible deal or Jeremy Corbyn, a man who cannot even unite his own party, a man that doesn't even command the support of a simple majority of his party's MPs. How can a man that cannot even united his own party and gain the trust of his own MPs be trusted to unite the nation at a time when it's more divided more than ever. We need a strong and united party to take this nation forward as we embark upon a new era for Britain. We need strong and stable leadership that can only be provided by Theresa May and the Conservative Party.

Now is not the time to risk all the hard work over the past seven years. The economy is growing, unemployment is falling and employment is reaching record highs. Now isn't the time to risk this success, now is the time to ensure this continues under Theresa May's leadership. Can we really trust Jeremy Corbyn to make the economy stronger and more secure? The last time we had a Labour government in power, we saw a devastating economic crash, a deficit at record highs and an economy not working for everyone. With Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister we would see higher taxes, higher unemployment and a Brexit that fails to work for everyone.

So, on 8 June vote with your heart and head. Vote Conservative for strong leadership, a stronger economy and a real plan for Brexit.