31/05/2012 10:40 BST | Updated 29/07/2012 06:12 BST

Social Media Advertising and the Brand Authority Myth

Advertising used to be seen as a powerful means of brand positioning by constantly, hopefully not annoyingly, reminding people about the existence of brands. Lots of money have been spending by businesses and made advertising a lucrative industry. As consumer behaviour and attitude moved away from traditional medium towards online and Social Media, businesses and agencies followed them. Thus, it would be fair to say, advertising like any other brand communication techniques has changed and still changing.

Brands and agencies realised that the nature of advertising and brand positioning changed and they need to do something about it otherwise their competitors would do. They decided to advertise in social media channels and increase number of their Facebook page fans and Twitter followers.

Obviously the acquisition of thousands of fans and followers won't happen within few hours or few days; but buying such users was an option which was pursued by many brands, agencies and even individuals who thought the higher number of fans and followers the higher their authority.

However experience proved otherwise; what means the most and in fact indicates a brand's authority would be their level of engagement and interaction with their audience; British Airways is the prime example as a brand using of social media with high level of brand authority.

Agencies often encourage brands to advertise in social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter for fans and followers recruitment; but what usually remains unanswered is how to maintain and engage with the recruited users. Advertising is a great approach to create awareness but it is still vital to have a plan for engagement and interaction to justify the investment, time and effort.

The time and money spent on Facebook and Twitter advertising can be used wisely and for a longer period of time if it is invested in content and interaction with the brand's audience; this is perhaps why General Motors recently announced it is cutting its Facebook ad spend after number of successful paid Social Media advertising.

Success in the modern world of advertising and social media communications is plain and simple. One of the models to follow and base brand's attitude and behaviour is LCD (developed by myself); which should in fact lead to collaboration and eventually successful brand stories: