Why I Always Recommend Apprenticeships To New School-Leavers

Why I Always Recommend Apprenticeships To New School-Leavers
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I'll never get over the excitement that I had when I just left school. I felt like the world was my oyster and it was finally my opportunity to do whatever I wanted with my life, even if I had no idea what that was.

One thing was for sure, however: I didn't want to continue with traditional education. Sitting in a classroom and writing about made-up scenarios didn't interest me. I wanted hands-on experience and a grip on what the big wide world is about.

That's when I took my first steps to getting an apprenticeship; one of the best decisions of my life.

If you're thinking about doing a workplace-based apprenticeship instead of going to college and completing A-levels, here are some of my best reasons to go for it:

You're getting a head-start

If I hadn't have started my apprenticeship as soon as I left high school, I wouldn't have gotten my job until I was 18 (like most other school-leavers). But I landed my apprenticeship at 16 and have had a two-year head start on other people my age.

You'll have probably heard people talking about how much competition you'll have when you're applying for a job. It's true, but starting with an apprenticeship is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door and get ahead of your competition.

By the time your friends are leaving college with a diploma, you'll have the same qualifications AND two years of experience. Which do you think is most-preferred by an employer?

You gain experience in more ways than one!

Not only will you have tons of skills to add to your CV once you've completed an apprenticeship, but you'll also have experience of working in a grown-up environment - something that you can use to aid with your personal development.

One of the most important parts of your resume is the section which describes you and your qualities. This is your chance to shine and show how an apprenticeship has benefitted you.

So, when it comes to using a resume builder to bulk out your experience, add all of your lovely qualities in!

Here are some of the things that I can add to my CV as a result of completing my apprenticeship that I wouldn't have necessarily got by going to college:

  • The ability to work well and communicate with a team
  • Willingness to learn
  • Problem-solving skills

You get paid whilst you learn

Without a doubt, one of the most attractive things about an apprenticeship for me as a school-leaver was the fact that I'd get paid to learn.

But, I had no idea about how to manage money, other than the £3 that my parents gave me on a Friday for washing the dishes in the evening when I left school. I didn't know how to budget for my transport and other necessities, but it was one of the most valuable things that I learned during my time as an apprentice.

On a serious note, getting an apprenticeship has the benefit of allowing you to earn money whilst you're learning. Yes, it's great to have a bit of cash to treat yourself every now and then, but it's even better for giving you experience on managing your money!


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