Those studying Level 3 qualifications have been left in limbo as they wait for the results that determine future apprenticeships, jobs and university places.
Health secretary Matt Hancock said the funding would help the government reach its target of 50,000 more nurses by 2024.
Campaigners say the 660,000 over 50s now claiming the benefit could be doing so until they retire.
Party wants the pay rate increased to £5.90.
We’re talking debt-free training and entry into the country’s most competitive professions.
Promotional feature from the Department for Education
'I know the training board is working hard to clear up the mess caused by Carillion but it is time ministers started doing the same.'
Last year I pledged that we would look at ways to make it easier for our apprentices, including finding a solution to the extortionate travel costs many of them face just getting to work