11/05/2016 11:10 BST | Updated 11/05/2016 11:44 BST

10 Things You'll Remember From Your Crumbling British School

Like the 'temporary' classrooms that were anything but.

British schools are falling apart and it's affecting pupils' performance, leading architects have said.

The Royal Institute of British Architects found only 5% of England's more than 60,000 school buildings were in "top condition" with almost a quarter rated "poor".

But for every young person who attended a crumbling British school - the findings are hardly surprising. That's because you'll remember such delights as...

When your playground was cut in half to house a "temporary" classroom

Richard Webb
Richard Webb at

All those other "temporary" classrooms that were *at least* 20 years old

Basher Eyre
Basher Eyre at

When bike sheds were replaced with transparent metal structures to scupper secret smokers

David Hatch
David Hatch at

When first period was in a multi-storey block miles from your second period class

Blane Chalmers
Blane Chalmers at

That posh 'Main Entrance' where staff parked their cars and the grass was perfect but you weren't allowed to spend break time

Peter Cox
Peter Cox at

When the toilets didn't work - and you knew it was bad when the staff ones were out of order

The absolute state of the walls and windows, and the moss. Lots and lots of moss


Just this: 

The wonky toilet seats


And when someone smashed the paper-thin windows

Yet despite all of this - they were still the best years of your life.

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