10 Photos of Clubbers Living Their Best 'Out Out' Lives Again

As 'Freedom Day' kicked in at midnight, people were already dancing their way into Monday morning.

It’s been over a year since we’ve been able to go “out out” properly. Nightclubs were one of the first things to close when Boris Johnson first announced lockdown in March 2020 – and they’ve been among the last to re-open. This time last summer, as big parts of the hospitality industry returned to business, we even asked if we’d ever go clubbing again.

With clubbing viewed as the ultimate superspreader event, promoters, owners and DJs faced an uncertain future. Then came two more national lockdowns and further delayed gratification as the government’s final easing of Covid restrictions was moved from June 21 to July 19.

But as ‘Freedom Day’ kicked in at midnight on Sunday, there were queues at clubs around the country to get onto those floors – with partygoers keen to celebrate the right to dance again.

There are lots of mixed feelings about unlockdown, but for some it does feel like living their best lives (and no longer having to dance around a table).

Here are some images of people enjoying their newfound freedoms.