19 Tweets That Sum Up Our Feelings About Clubs Reopening

Clubs could reopen on June 21 – and it's all people are talking about.

Clubs could reopen on June 21 if the government’s roadmap out of lockdown goes to plan – and it’s all anyone was talking about on Monday night.

It seems people have never been so ready for pre-drinks, dancing, utter euphoria, crying in the toilets and feeling nauseous in the Uber home.

Nightclubs are among the few industries that have remained completely closed since March 2020 – so just having the option to queue at a bar next to dozens of sweaty bodies is driving excitement to dizzy heights.

For many, this is the first time we’ve said the word ‘clubbing’ in years...

And yes, we’re in denial about it

But we’ll be there, against our better judgment...

Because after this year, we just want to dance

Age is not a problem...

And expectations are high

We’re planning a grand entrance...

And the C-word is totally banned

We know it’ll (probably) get messy

Because we’re feeling quite rusty

Like, really rusty

We probably won’t have the staying power...

And there’s a high chance of *this* happening

But anyway, yay clubbing!