106-Year-Old YouTube Star Wows The World With Her Culinary Skills

'People who live in cities totally forget the traditional way of cooking.'

Mastanamma Karre is 106 years old. She’s also the incredibly popular star of YouTube channel ‘Country Foods’.

The Indian great grandmother cooks traditional dishes such as prawn biryani and mango chicken curry, sharing recipes and methods with her 339,000 subscribers.

The 106-year-old’s great grandson Laxman K films the videos and uploads them online.

According to Barcroft, Mastanamma might just be the oldest internet sensation the world has ever seen.

106-year-old Mastanamma
Country Foods YouTube
106-year-old Mastanamma

Mastanamma, from Andhra Pradesh, India, is regularly filmed cooking authentic cuisine. Her most popular videos have received between one and seven million views.

Her cooking, filmed outside of her home, has proven to be a huge hit not just among friends and family, but among strangers the world over.

In her latest video, the 106-year-old cooks a ‘Kadai gosht mutton recipe’ which is a slow-cooked lamb dish cooked in a large bowl over a flame.

Mastanamma doesn’t speak in her videos, instead she quietly demonstrates how to create each dish - peeling vegetables with her fingers, washing fresh meat and manually grinding spices.

Discussing the first time he posted a video of his great grandmother’s cooking online, Laxman told Barcroft: “Initially it was for fun, but then it went viral.”

Laxman said he wants to remind others of the traditional methods that were used to cook in the “olden days”.

“People who live in cities totally forget the traditional way of cooking,” he added.

In a video recounting Mastanamma’s life story, she said she got married when she was just 11 years old. Throughout her life, she had five children - four of whom have now died. Her husband is also dead.

Despite this, she still maintains a sense of humour. “My home town relatives tell me ‘you are still looking good’,” she said in the clip.

Mastanamma has become something of a matriarchal figure to her fans on YouTube.

One follower Chris Santacruz commented on her video: “I absolutely love her, God bless she’s so beautiful.”

Ishwarya Mahendran added: “After a long stressful day.... watching her face heals all my worries and pain. I love you granny.”