11 Bathroom Accessories To Add A Splash Of Personality To Your Home

Aaaaaaand relax... 🛁

Bathrooms can easily become the forgotten room when it comes to decorating – especially if you’re in rented accommodation or a house share.

But adding a few, carefully chosen accessories can instantly make a dull bathroom feel homely, and maybe even spa-like.

We’ve rounded up 11 products we’re loving on Amazon right now to help you add a splash of personality to the room.

Jacquard Grey Towel Set, Intelligent Design, Amazon, £49.17

A patterned towel with a flash of colour is an easy way to add style to your bathroom. We love this grey and yellow combo – but the set also comes in blue and pink if you’d prefer.

No. 3 Blue 100ml Reed Diffuser, James & Co, Amazon, £6.99

A reed diffuser that subtly fills your bathroom with a pleasant scent is well worth the investment. If the bergamot and patchouli smell isn’t for you, there are other varieties available.

Wash Soak Relax Bathroom Print, Sincerely Sunshine, Amazon, £12.99

Artwork isn’t just for the living room. This vintage design is a fun addition that will jazz up your bathroom walls.

Three Mini Decorative Faux Succulents, Winomo, Amazon, £14.49

It can be tough to keep plants alive in dark bathrooms. Thankfully, these faux succulents do the job (almost) as well.

Six Piece Bathroom & Sink Accessory Set, Livivo, Amazon, £25.95

There’s something oddly satisfying about having matching accessories in your bathroom. This contemporary set comes with six pieces (not all pictured): a toothbrush holder, tumbler, liquid soap dispenser, soap dish, toilet brush and small bin.

Toothbrush Bento Mug, MSV, Amazon, £7.88

If the above set doesn’t fill your heart with joy, perhaps this vibrant ceramic toothbrush mug will be more to your taste.

Turquoise Trinket Ring Dish Holder, Lottie Of London Jewellery, Amazon, £9.99

Keep the jewellery you take off before bathing or showering in a safe place with this practical addition. We love the turquoise colour, too.

Bamboo Bath Caddy, Bathbü, Amazon, £29.99

With specially designed holders for your book, tablet, candles, towels, snacks and (most importantly) wine, this bath caddy will give you the ultimate night in. It’s extendable, meaning it’ll fit on any tub.

Sea Shell Fairy Lights, Festive Lights, Amazon, £10.99

These fairy lights contain 10 individual real sea shells, each one encasing a warm white LED bulb. The lights are battery operated, making them perfect for filling your bathroom with a delicate light during an evening soak.

Candle Tea Light Holder, Aifusi, Amazon, £8.99

This gorgeous tea light holder is perfect for bathrooms with Moroccan vibes. Use it time and time again for a truly blissful bath time.

Indoor Hanging Planter Basket, Mkouo, Amazon, £15.99

Short on surface space? You can still add plants to your bathroom thanks to this ceiling hanger – just be sure to check with your landlord before you put a hook in the ceiling if you’re renting.

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