12 House Plant Lifesavers That'll Perk Up Even The Grottiest Greenery

From brown leaves and wilting stems to mouldy soil, here's how to de-droop your plant babies.
The must-have tools for making it easier to keep your houseplants alive
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The must-have tools for making it easier to keep your houseplants alive

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For adding a dash of colour (and a sense of life) into your home, house plants are a must. They’re bright, bushy, and wonderfully eye-catching. There’s just something calming and uplifting about walking into a room and seeing all that greenery dotted around, isn’t there?

The issue with houseplants is that they actually require regular care - they are alive, after all. Fail to care for your plant babies and your home will be full of wilted stems, super droopy, dull or browning leaves – or worse still, death.

Admittedly, knowing how to care for them can be more complex than you might think – even the watering process can be tricky to get right. Which is why we’ve whipped up this guide to all the best products for happier plants (and owners).

This practical guide to houseplant care
Keeping houseplants alive can be notoriously difficult, with certain plant types more complex to care for than others. This simple guide from the Royal Horticultural Society to caring for all varieties will come in super useful.
A super professional LED lamp
Lack that coveted south-facing window and endless sunlight? This LED grow light, designed with houseplants in mind, has got you – and them – covered.
This potting compost
For healthier and stronger plants, the right potting mix is vital. It’s a good idea to regularly re-pot your houseplants and top them up with a quality potting compost, like this specialist blend from Westland.
This houseplant friendly fertiliser
For healthier houseplants that continue to thrive, fertilising is a must. Give your plant babies greener leaves and more vibrant colours with this Baby Bio houseplant food that's easily mixed with water and poured into pots.
A gorgeous mister bottle
Not all plants like having a whole pint of water chucked into their pot, you know. Instead, opt for a gentle plant misting bottle from Meetoz, so you can gently spritz your shrubbery instead of soaking it. (FYI, for humidity-loving plants, this one's a real winner.)
This battery-powered watering system
With a pump and timer system, Landrip's DIY battery-powered watering system can be set to a watering schedule, allowing your plants to self water, even when you don’t have time to give them all the TLC they need.
This smart moisture meter
Struggle to know when your plants are in need of some water? That’s where this 4-in-1 smart moisture meter comes in. Simply pop the probe into the soil, download the app, and track your plants' nutrition, temperature, hydration, and light levels.
These innovative houseplant mists
This Plantsmith duo of fortifying plant feed and perfecting house plant mist has been formulated to help your plants look their best (think: glossy, dark green leaves and perky stems). For encouraging healthy growth, these botanical sprays are a great buy.
This handy tool set
Noticed that your plant is drying out despite being watered or has stopped growing? It might need repotting, which is where these pretty tools will no doubt come in handy. Plus, the mini shears are a must-have for pruning your plants to help encourage growth.
This leaf shining spray
For waxy, smooth leaved plants that have a tendency to gather dust and lose their shine, this simple-to-use spray is a godsend. A spritz of this formula and your plants' leaves will look wonderfully fresh and rejuvenated.
This plant life support drip
Whether you’re heading off on an extended trip or are a little forgetful when it comes to watering your plants, this H20 support drip from Bubblegum can be (quite literal) life-saver for your plants.
This quirky poster
How cute (and helpful) is this poster? It has all the top tips you'll need to help you (try to) keep your glorious greenery alive, including optimal temperature and humidity levels, and how often to water and feed them.

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