Moving In Together? 16 Handy Buys That'll Make Cohabitation A Breeze

Congrats, you’re doing serious relationship sh*t! Here's how not to break up in the process.
Cohabiting is all about compromise ... but not from you!
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Cohabiting is all about compromise ... but not from you!

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What do you get as a reward for moving in with the one you love? A significant shrinkage in wardrobe space, a constant fear of needing to fart, and debates about what kind of detergent is best. Oh, and of course, unfathomable joy at being able to spend so much time with your significant other…

For a carefree transition into cohabitation, you’ll each need to do your own ruthless clear-outs before you move in together, to make sure you’re not bringing anything unnecessary into your shared space. (Imagine my horror when my boyfriend thought he was moving a box named ‘old clothes’ that hadn’t been opened for over a year into our new flat!)

Then once you’ve stripped back any unnecessary belongings, and are all moved-in, look below for a range of organisers, fresh accessories, and storage solutions that’ll help ensure it’s a harmonious home for the both of you.

Buy some cutesy coasters - or just anything with your initials on
Hurrah – you’re officially cohabiting! So make sure everyone knows exactly who’s abode they’re in by picking up some pieces that feature your initials. Made from marble embossed with a gold-toned letter inlay, these Alphabet Initial Coasters will definitely bring a personal touch to your coffee table!
Use underbed storage to avoid overcrowding your closet
Unless you’re blessed with an enormous wardrobe, then accommodating everyone's clothes will be tricky. So, be prepared to rotate what’s on your rail as the seasons change – using these spacious under bed storage bins to store your winter clothes until summer arrives, and vice versa.
Choose a new crockery set over a combo of your joint collection
If your joint crockery collection consists of some mismatched cutlery from your uni days, and a couple of cereal bowls that may or may not belong to your partner’s old flatmate, perhaps it’s time to pick out some new crockery? Sleek and stylish, dine on this dipped charcoal dinner set to celebrate your exciting new chapter.
Go for a classic and cohesive pair of bedside tables
Chances are you’ve each got a bedside table – but they don’t match. These cute edside tables are available in black or white as a two drawer pair, and have metal cup-pull handles that give them a really classy and elegant finish.
Successfully coordinate your commitments with a wall calendar
Now you’re no longer living alone, it’s time to combine your calendars! Easily removed and repositioned when needed, this Zipcode wall calendar will make it easy to plan out dinners, and keep each other informed about any upcoming arrangements or appointments.
Invest in a lockable cabinet for protecting personal items
When moving in together, you can be sure of two things; there will be lots of excitement, and there will also be lots of paperwork. Thankfully, the bottom drawer of this Vinsetto filing cabinet is perfect for keeping track of your bills, while the lockable top is ideal for storing personal documents like passports.
Get a doormat that greets your guests
A fresh doormat is the perfect first buy for a new home. Welcome family and friends into your humble abode with this non-slip door mat from Hello. Crafted from super durable natural coir coconut fibres, a simple stomp will ensure no dirt and muck is walked through your lovely new house.
Swap out your shower head for one that’s spacious enough for two
As romantic as they make it look in the films, it’s pretty tricky to get steamy with your significant other under a bog-standard shower head. So swap it out for this sexy and superior rainfall one – a 12-inch shower face that’ll shower you both using its incredible 144 silicone spray nozzles.
Use a vibrating alarm clock to deal with different sleep schedules
Whether you’re a 6am gym-goer or a night shift-worker, this smart alarm clock is just what you need –sSet your desired wake up time, place this slimline clock under your pillow, and you’ll be woken up by powerful vibrations that don’t disturb your SO.
Create a shared space for coats, jackets, and shoes
With its double shoe bench, two rows of coat hooks, and a clothes rail for looping over scarves and umbrellas, this coat rack stand will give you both ample storage space. Plus, the black steel frame and rustic brown shelving will bring a stylish industrial energy to your hallway.
Separate your shelf space with these acrylic dividers
For shelves that are neatly stacked and fairly shared between the two of you, these dividers will do the job. Sturdy and durable, they stay upright, stop stacks of folded clothes from falling over, and give you both a clear view of what’s in your cupboard.
Spray this genius solution to stop unsavoury toilet scents
Let’s be honest – the thought of sharing a bathroom with your significant other the morning after you enjoyed a takeaway curry together is anxiety-inducing. Available in seven different scents, Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray is well worthy of your bathroom cabinet. Simply spritz the bowl before-you-go!
Deal with different duvet preferences with this unique option
If you’re sick of waking up shivering while your partner sweats through the bedsheets, then Silentnight's Yours And Mine duvet is just what you need. Half of the duvet is a cool and lightweight 4.5 tog, while the other half is 7.5 – perfect for those looking to snuggle up and stay warm.
Play this card game to escape the day-to-day
After a long day of work and chores, it’s easy to get into the habit of spending your evenings in a threesome with Netflix while you mindlessly scroll your phones. Now and then, play this Better Together couples game to make sure you’re still communicating on a deep and meaningful level.
Make a luxe at-home bar out of your housewarming bottles
If hosting friends and family at your new pad leaves you with a constant supply of booze? Stylish and practical, this freestanding wine rack displays up to eight bottles in its scalloped grooves, and will make a statement in any living room.
Double your cupboard space and divvy it up between you
Maximising vertical space is key when you move in with your significant other – particularly in the bathroom, where storage is typically lacking. Providing each of you with your own tier for your toiletries, this under sink organiser would work well in a cupboard or on a countertop, and has a sliding storage drawer for easy access.