16 Things You Only Know If You’re Addicted To Your Fitness Tracker

Glued to our wrist.

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So scientists might not believe that fitness trackers are helpful for improving our health, but we just can’t help it, we are totally obsessed.

Getting the golden 10,000 steps has become so ingrained our daily routine, we’re not sure if we could live without our beloved pedometer (not to mention how smug and superior we can feel after looking at our stats).

Here are 16 things you only know if you’re totally addicted to that gadget on your wrist.

1. You really resent exercising when you forget to wear it.

2. You coordinate your band with every outfit you own.

3. You have started doing a tea round for everyone at work to improve your count.

4. You deliberately go off route to make sure you get to your mark.

5. You are constantly late because you couldn’t just get the tube to the pub like a normal person.

6. You pace around the house trying to get up your steps before bed.

7. You get off the bus early even when it is raining, because steps.

8. You judge people who stand still on escalators, so many missed opportunities.

9. You worry everyone thinks you constantly need to wee as you hop from foot to foot.

10. You love holidays because it gives you more hours in the day to smash your personal best.

11. You are more concerned about losing your Fitbit than your purse.

12. You compete with your partner to see who can do more steps.

13. You secretly try and guess how many you’ve done and are smug when you’re right.

14. You can’t help but tell everyone when you hit a milestone.

15. You go to bed annoyed if you don’t reach 10,000 steps.

16. You wonder what you did with all your time before you had a Fitbit.