16 Small But Mighty Kitchen Gadgets If You’re Strapped For Space And Cash

Even in a teeny tiny kitchen, meal prep has never felt easier with these handy buys.
A round up of the best kitchen buys that are super easy to store and won't break the bank
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A round up of the best kitchen buys that are super easy to store and won't break the bank

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There’s nothing like a lovingly prepared homemade meal. It’s fresh, comforting, and (if cooked right) extremely tasty. But if you’re living in a home that’s tight on space, cooking can easily feel more of a chore. Especially when your kitchen lacks the storage for the gizmos that make prepping food so much easier.

Enter the space-saving, low cost kitchen gadgets that will transform your cooking setup without taking over your space (or breaking the bank). Think: ultra-thin but durable chopping boards, the veggie slicers and dicers of your dreams, and keyring-sized cooking tools that won’t clog up your drawers.

Below, we’ve curated a list of some of our go-to cooking game-changers – all of them super compact – to make meal prep and cooking much more convenient.

This compact Crockpot
Take the stress out of week night cooking with this more compact version of a kitchen favourite – this easy-to-clean 1.8 litre slow cooker won't take up all your counter space.
This mini-smoothie maker
Love smoothies? This mini blender, which comes with two portable blending bottles, is quick, powerful, and easy to use not to mention a budget friendly buy.
This five-piece utensil set
Made from dishwasher safe stainless steel, these five mini kitchen tools are just the thing. The set includes a cheese grater, bottle opener, peeler, pizza cutter, and grinder, all just a couple of inches long, making them perfect for easily storing.
This space-saving pan organiser
Struggle for space in your cupboards? This low-cost, five-tiered pan organiser (that can be used both horizontally and vertically) will maximise every corner.
This food processing powerhouse
This processor might be compact but it'll get the job done – the machine has four sharp and extremely durable blades to chop, slice, dice and crush into its own 600ml bowl
These slimline chopping boards
These wafer thin plastic chopping boards are surprisingly strong and durable and ideal for storing in drawers or slotting into the edge of cupboards. They're BPA-free, non-porous, and dishwasher safe. I can vouch for just how great they are myself!
This clever avocado multi-tool
If you eat avocados regularly, this three-in-one slicer, peeler and scooper is a must-have. It's compact enough to store easily and wonderfully simple to use.
This super speedy food chopper
This manual chopper might be small but it sure is mighty. Whether you’re chopping garlic, slicing onions, or dicing carrots, this pull string tool works a real treat.
This handheld mandoline slicer
Hate meal prep but not got space for a food processor? This classic mandolin will slice your veggies quickly and effortlessly, taking all the effort out of preparing your go-to week night meals.
This seriously space-saving rice cooker
This compact 0.8 litre rice cooker promises perfectly fluffy rice every time and won’t take over your countertop. Say goodbye to soggy, overly starchy rice thanks to this easy-to-use tool.
This 'eggscellent' egg timer
Why is it that perfectly cooked eggs always feel like a hassle to master? Sigh. That’s where this colour-changing egg timer comes in. This advanced timer is super simple to use and read, absorbing heat and changing colour as the egg cooks, ensuring perfectly cooked eggs every single time.
This teeny tiny cheese grater
Whether you're grating cheese, vegetables or garlic, this mini-grater get the job done. At 7 inches long it won't take up too much drawer space, making it perfect for smaller kitchens.
This three-in-one grill
If there’s one thing that clutters up a kitchen, it’s too many pans, which is where this three-in-one grill comes into its own. Featuring interchangeable, non-stick and easy-to-clean plates, this slimline, multifunctional cooker is a buy you won't regret.
This handy garlic press
Of all the food preparation tasks, chopping garlic is one of the fiddliest. This compact garlic press takes time out of the task, allowing you to crush, squeeze or press all the garlic that your recipe commands.
These bamboo toaster tongs
These ergonomic, heat resistant bamboo tongs might be small but they’re extremely sturdy, and are designed to effortlessly grip food, whether that's a slice of toast or something a little heftier.
This game-changing 7-in-1 smart cooker
It might be a little chunkier and pricier, but the fact this genius gadget can perform seven different cooking tasks will ultimately save you money and space. It's pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté pan, yogurt maker, steamer and food warmer in one.