16 Tweets Capturing The Pain Of Keeping Kids' Christmas Presents A Secret

"I've hidden them so well I can't remember where I put them" 🎁

It’s a simple fact: the best part of Christmas for kids is the presents. What’s not so simple, however, it’s keeping said presents hidden in the house throughout December.

Whether they are gifts from you or from Santa himself, it’s a yearly challenge to find new and even more discreet hiding places for all those stocking-fillers.

And when you’ve got kids who go on an annual treasure hunt around the house for them, things get even trickier. Here are 18 tweets proving just how hard this festive challenge can be.

Sometimes they’re obviously not very well hidden

It’s not so bad when you’ve got toddlers

Blame the babysitter if all else fails

Probably because the hiding places are few and far between

Especially when the presents are basically life-size

Sometimes even parents can’t keep a secret

Or they completely forget where they’ve put them

But here’s a place kids don’t seem to look...

Ahh, the joys.