20 Tweets About Kid Art That Will Crack You Up – And 1 That Will Melt Your Heart

"Toddler finding his art in the trash: MY LIFE’S WORK!"
Parents commiserate about the kid art conundrum on Twitter.
Parents commiserate about the kid art conundrum on Twitter.

It begins with the tiny ink footprints you bring home from the hospital, and gains speed as your child enters day care or preschool: macaroni mosaics, toothpick bridges, beaded necklaces, paper plate tambourines, tree ornaments, ceramic sculptures, tissue paper flowers with pipe cleaner stems. Self-portraits in six different mediums.

Every holiday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friday, last day of school.

Each piece of paper or lump of clay that your child leaves their mark on is a precious memento of their all-too-transient youth.

On the other hand? It is mostly trash — sometimes literally trash ― when recycled materials have been incorporated. Most of us don’t have the physical space to keep it all, even if we wanted to. And who wants a house full of piles of papers and paper-mache sculptures and other junk-y looking stuff?

Here, some of Twitter’s funniest parents reflect on the eternal question of what to do with the deluge of kid art.