29/12/2020 06:30 GMT | Updated 29/12/2020 11:47 GMT

31 Surreal TV Moments From 2020 That We Still Can’t Quite Get Over

Including unexpected quiz show answers, TV news blunders and of course, Nigella Lawson's mîcrowhavé.

While 2020 has been a year we’re keen to forget in many, many respects, TV has been one of the few constants in our lives serving up plenty of moments to remember.

From the strangest pronunciation of the word “microwave” we’ve ever heard, to Judge Rinder’s most unexpected case yet, there’ve been many surreal scenes that have unfolded on screen over the last 12 months. 

Here are 31 that we’re still quite not over...

1. When Casualty star Amanda Henderson thought Greta Thunberg was called Sharon on Celebrity Mastermind


2. When Corrie’s Beverley Callard described her husband as a “mega shag” on I’m A Celebrity

3. When this happened on Countdown

4. When Nigella Lawson revealed her unusual way of pronouncing “microwave”

5. When Gemma Collins came over all funny after arriving at a caravan park

6. When 80-year-old Iris got very descriptive when talking about her sex life on This Morning

7. See also: 95-year-old twins Lil and Doris’ appearance on Good Morning Britain


8. When Dracula emerged naked from the stomach of a terrifying wolf

9. When Wendy Williams appeared to fart on her US chat show

10. When BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood got joggers confused with “doggers” 

11. When the Pussycat Dolls had a massive intro fail on The One Show 


12. When the Queen and Margaret Thatcher played Ibble Dibble on The Crown


13. And when Margaret Thatcher seemingly tweeted from beyond the grave on BBC News

14. When a Naked Attraction contestant had to walk off set flustered by the sight of five vaginas


15. When Matt Lucas was almost too good at impersonating Boris Johnson on The Great British Bake Off

16. When Alison Hammond interviewed a tree on This Morning


17. When Dianne Buswell and Max George performed to The Simpsons theme on Strictly, and he played her leg like a saxophone


18. When BBC News’ Simon McCoy had an absolutely savage dig at one family’s Covid-friendly Trick or Treat solution 


19. When Family Fortunes asked the question “Name something you put in your mouth but don’t swallow?’


20. When Jordan North spewed his guts up at the top of a Welsh cliff on I’m A Celebrity


21. When Nicola Coughlan was left a broken woman after an appearance on New Year’s Day Bake Off, which featured her attempting to grill a sponge 

22. When Matt Hancock “pretended to cry” on Good Morning Britain


23. When Tyra Banks announced the wrong result on Dancing With The Stars


24. When a Jeremy Vine prank caller dropped the C-bomb live on air


25. When Caroline Quentin licked her dance partner Johannes Radebe on Strictly 

26. When Siannise had this reaction to a new arrival on Love Island 

27. When this kid interrupted his mum live on Sky News to ask for two biscuits


28. When BBC News’ Ben Brown was caught yawning live on air


29. When Quiz featured a musical interlude, starring the fictional Charles and Diana Ingram and Chris Tarrant


30. When John Torode set fire to his kitchen on This Morning

31. And finally, when Judge Rinder heard the case of a dog who stood accused of shagging a cat