31 Hilarious Tweets From Parents About This Whole Santa Thing

"'Wow now that I know it was you and not santa who was responsible for all those gifts over the years I’d like to take a moment to thank you and apologise for the misplaced gratitude.' - no kid ever"

Parents assume a serious responsibility when taking on the duties of Santa Claus. There are the presents under the tree on Christmas, sure — but the story of Santa requires so much more creativity, effort and just plain work.

There are letters, lists (and remembering what was on them) and changing course mid-December if you visit Santa at the mall for a photo and he inquires. Last-minute shopping for “proof” of Santa’s existence. Cookies to eat, milk to drink — an entire myth to uphold. Quick answers to clever questions children pose that you would never have been able to foresee in a million years.

For all the parents fumbling through the lead-up to Christmas while trying to keep the dream alive, here are the funniest tweets from X (formerly Twitter) about the load you carry this season.