15/04/2016 10:54 BST

38 Degrees 'Tax Dodging' Video Is Brilliantly Snarky

They are silly billies who listen to their wealthy donors instead of the people.

A video from 38 Degrees has taken a brilliant stab at the ongoing furore over tax in light of the Panama Papers.

Introduced by a genuine bona-fide rocket scientist, it quickly explains that you definitely don't need to be one to understand tax dodging.

Nine-year-old Samai than takes over...


And who knows, it may have even worked as today a new crackdown on international tax dodging that will "lift the veil of secrecy" that criminals hide under, was pledged by Chancellor George Osborne.

Mr Osborne said a "groundbreaking" international deal to share information on the true owners of companies will make it harder for criminals to channel corrupt gains or evade tax.

Under the move, tax and law enforcement agencies from Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain will exchange information regarding beneficial ownership registers, and new registers of trusts, which, the Chancellor says, will allow for better investigation of financial wrongdoing.

Attending a meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, Mr Osborne hailed the international deal as a breakthrough.

"Today we deal another hammer blow ‎against those who hide their illegal tax evasion in the dark corners of the financial system.

"Britain will work with our major European partners ‎to find out who really owns the secretive shell companies and trusts that have been used as conduits for evading tax, laundering money and benefiting ‎from corruption.

"It was Britain that led the world in pushing for the automatic exchange of personal tax data‎ and encouraged the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) to develop new rules for taxing multinationals more fairly.

"Since then dozens of other countries have followed our example.

"Now it is Britain and our European partners setting the pace on beneficial ownership transparency of not just companies but also trusts with a tax consequence - and I expect that the rest of the world will move to follow our example again.

"It shows the benefit of working together. No single country can tackle international tax evasion alone - and Britain should never fool itself into thinking that it can do this by itself," Mr Osborne said.