Panama Papers

The Paradise Papers will hopefully lead to Government and international concerted collective government action to close tax havens and tax avoidance routes but meanwhile, as purchasers of services and goods, the public sector should act. And as regards fundraising, so should charities.
South Africans have been named in a huge leak into the use of offshore tax havens.
The Queen and Bono caught up over offshore investments.
The Queen’s private estate invested in controversial retailer BrightHouse as part of £10m sunk into offshore funds that have
She wrote about a 'desperate situation' just half an hour before the explosion.
The son of Malta’s best-known investigative journalist said on Tuesday his mother was killed by a car bomb because of her
ICIJ director Gerard Ryle said he was shocked by the news and condemned the attack. “Caruana Galizia has been at the forefront
Daphne Caruana Galizia stood up against corruption in politics.
A year on from the scandal of the Panama Papers and in the new reality of Brexit, the UK is thinking about its 'Global Britain' role in the world. The UK must continue to lead on transparency and anti-corruption issues. The first step in this should be committing that all of our Overseas Territories will have the same level of transparency as the UK, and within the lifetime of this Parliament.