5 Sobering Quotes From A British Parliamentarian On The State Of South Africa's Leadership

"It's time for Cyril Ramaphosa to stand up," says the British peer and anti-apartheid activist Lord Anthony St John of Bletso.
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British politician, Lord Anthony St John of Bletso, spoke to Talk Radio 702's host Xolani Xolani Gwala on Thursday about his concerns for South Africa.

Lord Anthony, a member of the House of Lords who grew up in South Africa and was involved in the anti-apartheid movement, said he was concerned that Nelson Mandela's values were under threat and thought the recent Cabinet reshuffle was "shameful."

Here are five things he had to say about the state of South Africa and its leadership.

  1. "South Africa needs to come to the table. It needs to show transparency; it needs to show good governance; it needs to show accountability."
  2. "There needs to be far more of a sense of understanding of the short to medium term policies of government."
  3. "I've always had great respect for Cyril [Ramaphosa] and I think he could be a lot more vocal. As deputy president, he's there to be a check and balance on the executive."
  4. "He [Rampaphosa] was of course the architect to the South African Constitution. He's played a pivotal role in the transition... He is highly respected by all facets of South Africa -- business community, trade unions... Now is the time for Cyril to stand up."
  5. "I think [South Africa] has a great future. I remain an optimist for [the country], but right now, I'm saddened by the recent events."

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