Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa's latest recruit to the presidency is facing a smear campaign due to perceived 'proximity' to Pravin Gordhan – a sexist construction based on a long-dead marriage.
Cyril Ramaphosa has returned from an investment-seeking drive with $20 billion's worth of investment in his pocket.
'Part of the reason for the crisis is the ANC’s failure to tackle the exclusion of millions from the mainstream economy,' says Professor Steven Friedman.
Ramaphosa has not yet decided whether to institute a disciplinary inquiry into Nomgcobo Jiba's conduct and wants more time to make up his mind.
'I enjoy sending out a message to all the people so that they must be educated about albinism.'
President Cyril Ramaphosa has downplayed "lies" that he wasn't welcomed in KwaZulu-Natal since he was elected president at the party's 54th elective conference in Nasrec.
King Zwelithini is the sole trustee.
'A threat to property rights cuts to the heart of a free society, the confidence in its economy and the scope of individuals to live as they choose.'
The president's new dawn promised a clean sweep. Results have been as mixed as that metaphor.
Attracting much-needed investment in the country will prove impossible if investors aren't convinced that the rule of law is alive and well.