cabinet reshuffle

Richard Holden clashed with the former Labour bruiser during an awkward grilling on Good Morning Britain.
Not everyone was happy with Boris Johnson's government rejig this week.
The prime minister is torn between his deputy and the foreign secretary in a debate over who gets the keys to Chevening House.
Some of the ministers in Boris Johnson's new cabinet have a complicated history.
Wallace claimed Dorries will be a strong culture secretary because she is a "best-selling author".
Boris Johnson has rejigged the top positions within his cabinet.
No.10 is strongly playing down any suggestion Boris Johnson could rejig his team next week. But if he does, here’s how it might go down.
Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle has all of Westminster buzzing, with the shock resignation of Chancellor Sajid Javid. What does it reveal about how this government will go about their work?Arj Singh, Paul Waugh and Rachel Wearmouth discuss the cabinet reshuffle with Sajid Javid’s former special advisor Salma Shah.
What was billed as a re-tuning turned into an overhaul - and a shift in power at the top of government.
A&E trolley wait times are the worst on record while violence against women and girls is at its highest level in a decade.