01/11/2018 06:00 GMT | Updated 01/11/2018 10:12 GMT

9 Vegan Beauty Products That Are 100% Cruelty-Free

Give your makeup bag an ethical upgrade.

More and more of us are going vegan, and an even greater chunk of the population are looking to make more ethical choices, both in our food and the other products we buy.

But lots of beauty products contain ingredients such as beeswax and animal fats, and even products described as ‘vegetarian’ often contain animal by-products, from eggs to snail slime (yum).

Vegan beauty products ensure your beauty regime is truly cruelty-free. We’ve given the people what they want, with a handy list for reference, spanning eyes, lips, face, and those stubborn split ends.


False lashes are rarely vegan, both due to the fibres they often utilise but also the glues. It might therefore be a surprise to hear that Eylure’s entire range – yes, the ones you wore all the time when you were 16 – are vegan. Stick these on and bat your lids without guilt! 

Ready To Wear Lashes, Eylure, £5.40


We’ve massively seen the light in recent years with regards to the benefits of both shea butter, and of deep conditioning. Both feed thirsty hair and give it some TLC amid heat and harsh products. A must for damaged hair, but especially good for afro textures.

Deep Treatment Mask, Shea Moisture, £10.99


Matte lipsticks have been a glam staple of the last couple of years – and are great for evenings or nights out. Paint the town red with Elf’s Modern Metals lippy.

Modern Metals Liquid Matte Lipstick, Elf, £6 


Sometimes you just need a cheapie liquid liner that gets the job done. The fine tip brush on this is also perfect for razor-sharp cat eyes. Another find from our favourite makeup elves, (did you know ‘Elf’ stands for ‘eyes, lips, face’? We didn’t).

Expert Liquid Liner, Elf, £3


Around 80% of Lush’s products are vegan, with the few remaining ones having ingredients like milk and honey in them. Their Celestial face cream, however, is a great vegan moisturiser pick, and some of its creamy components include almond oil, almond milk, cocoa butter and vanilla water.

Celestial Face Cream, Lush, £16.95

Too Faced

To be honest, the name of this product is a bold claim. But this mascara has become a classic, and a staple in many beauty-lovers’ makeup bags. The highest-selling prestige mascara across the pond, this find is on the higher end of our price range for a mascara, but it’s reliable.

Better Than Sex Mascara, Too-Faced, £23



EcoTools is an entirely vegan makeup accessory manufacturer, and this kit includes an angled foundation brush, blurring brush, defined crease brush, angled liner, full blush brush, and storage tray.

Start the Day Beautifully Make-up Brush Set, EcoTools, £12.99

Fenty Beauty

Bad gal RiRi’s much-coveted beauty line strikes once again with this great vegan long-wear formula that conceals, corrects and contours. Available in 20 shades that have got dark complexions covered. 

Match Stix Matte Skinstick, Fenty Beauty, £21


A great vegan sea kelp and lemon peel facial scrub that sources its ingredients straight from the sea. Great for all skin types.

Brightening Facial Scrub, Acure, £14.99


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