A 50 Cent And Ed Sheeran Collab Was Not On Our Christmas Wishlist But Santa Sure Came Early

"My man came through for me tonight."
Besties, amirite?
Besties, amirite?
50 Cent/Instagram

Just what every rap fan expects at a 50 Cent concert... Ed Sheeran, of course.

Yes really – fans of the American rapper were unexpectedly treated to a surprise cameo from the Bad Habits singer at London’s O2 Arena last night (Tuesday 21 November).

Sheeran suddenly appeared on stage from inside a box which read “there is a monster in this box” to sing his 2017 hit track Shape Of You.

Video footage shows 50 Cent urging his cheering crowd to ‘turn it up even more’ as a box descended onstage along to the beat of Shape Of You, before the box lifted to unveil Ed himself.

Sheeran shared his arrival at 50 Cent’s concert on his Instagram story, telling his 46 million followers: “Right so I’m off to sing, 50 Cent has invited me to the O2 to sing Shape Of You and I’m going to walk on stage and go ‘who likes In Da Club, here’s Shape Of You’.”

After the show, the rapper – real name Curtis Jackson – took to Instagram to share snapshots from backstage.

He wrote in the caption: “My man came through for me tonight, BOOM. LONDON went crazy! It don’t get bigger than this.”

One fan summed it all up for all of us under the post, writing: “50 be having the most unlikely friendships, I love it.”

50 Cent and Ed Sheeran have in fact collaborated in the past – the duo and Eminem all joined forces on the track Remember The Name from Sheeran’s 2019 No.6 Collaborations Project.


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