50 Cent

It has been noted that 50 Cent has used controversial posts in the past to gain publicity for his projects.
Journalist Anneliese Burgess says robbers psych themselves up by watching a movie starring Gerard Butler.
“I have something on my mind that’s been bothering me for years.”
One thing we weren’t expecting, though, was that a performance from 50 Cent would feature a guest appearance from none other than HuffPost favourite, John Travolta.
Rapper 50 Cent says he refused $500,000 to stump for President Donald Trump on the campaign trail.
50 Cent has leapt to the defence of ‘X Factor’ contestant Honey G, after she was accused of being racist.  Some viewers claimed
Time to delve once again behind the public veil of celebrity life. This time I pose the question - does rapper 50 Cent actually put together his own flat pack furniture? If so, does he get really confused and angry like the rest of us?
Jack Garratt has been topped the BBC’s annual ‘Sound Of…’ list for 2016 - but what are the previous winners up to now? The