John Lewis Christmas Advert Fake By A Level Student Has The Internet Fooled

The video has been watched more than 450,000 times.

People love the John Lewis Christmas advert - every year we wait eagerly to happy-cry at the retailer’s festive creation.

So when an adorable snow globe-themed video emerged claiming to be the department store’s holiday ad, people got pretty excited.

But all was not as it seemed.

The 75 second video, which tells a tale of unrequited love between two snowmen, was actually created by a student as part of his A Level Media coursework.

Known only as Nick, the YouTuber explained on his page that the video was a school project.

“My chosen essay was on John Lewis and how successful their marketing campaign has become. Along with the essay I had to create a linked production piece, and this was my attempt on creating a John Lewis style advert. As far as I remember I think it got full marks.

“I wasn’t going to upload it at first as I’m fairly critical of my work, but I thought I wouldn’t lose anything if I uploaded it, even for people to use as inspiration for their course-work,” he continued.

“The video isn’t monetised, the song fits perfectly with the story and the mood so why not!”

But despite calling the project “rushed”, the amateur filmmaker’s efforts had many people convinced the video was the real deal after it was shared on Twitter.

It has already been viewed more than 450,000 times.

After finding out the video was fake, many people were shocked that such a high quality ad had been filmed by a schoolboy, with one Twitter user commenting: “Not even genuine and it’s better than last year’s advert”.

Another added: “This is someone’s A level coursework?! Ye gods!”

John Lewis has not yet announced the release date of its 2016 Christmas ad.