A Nude Swim Ran Out Of Towels And We've Never Seen So Many Bums


More than a thousand people took part in a nude swim in Australia on Wednesday morning, but some were left without one essential piece of equipment.

The organisers of the annual Nude Solstice Swim, which takes places in Tasmania, expected around 750 people to show up for the event.

But much to their surprise, a total of 1020 people ditched their clothes for the swim, which marks the start of the Dark Mofo arts festival.

As a result, the organisers hadn’t provided enough towels and hundreds of skinny dippers were left to shake dry. Oops!


Thankfully, an organiser of the event said the towel shortage didn’t dampen spirits.

“We had the gorgeous surprise of record numbers attending for the Nude Solstice Swim yesterday. 1020 brave souls diving in to welcome back the light after the longest night of the year,” they told BuzzFeed News.

“The shortage of towels wasn’t upsetting – the communal nature of the event meant that people tended to share towels and a lot of people who are return Nude Solstice Swimmers brought their own towels.”

Moral of the story? BYOT (bring your own towel).