A Tory Minister Has Failed To Name A Single Brexit Benefit

Andrew Griffith was put on the spot during a Commons debate.
An anti-Brexit protester outside parliament.
An anti-Brexit protester outside parliament.
Mike Kemp via Getty Images

A Tory MP failed to name a single Brexit benefit after being put on the spot in the House of Commons.

Andrew Griffith completely dodged the question by saying there was “not enough time” to list them all.

He was speaking just hours after Rishi Sunak told business leaders that the UK’s decision to quit the European Union was “already delivering, enormous benefits and opportunities for the country”

The prime minister also denied reports that the government was seeking closer economic ties with the EU.

Griffith, who is a Treasury minister, told MPs last night that the PM and chancellor Jeremy Hunt were right to reaffirm “we must never go back” and pursue a relationship with Brussels that “relies upon alignment with EU laws”.

He said Brexit is already delivering “enormous benefits”, prompting the SNP’s Peter Grant to challenge him to name a single one.

The Glenrothes MP said: “Could the minister just tell my constituents one thing that is a definite benefit, even to 20% of the people in my constituency, from Brexit? Something they would notice the difference with?”

Griffith replied: “Well, I am afraid we have time not left enough to share all of the benefits that we are delivering for his constituents.”


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