A WhatsApp Bug Is Reportedly Letting Blocked Contacts Still Message You

Apparently there's an easy fix.

A number of people on Twitter have reported a pretty serious-sounding WhatsApp bug that lets blocked contacts still message you.

According to the accounts, users have started seeing contacts that were blocked accessing their profiles, seeing their profile images and even commenting on their Status updates.

According to WABetaInfo on Twitter, the problem could well be a server issue for WhatsApp rather than a specific bug within the app itself.

If that’s the case then the good news is that it should be fairly simple for WhatsApp to fix.

We tried to replicate the issue here in the office and found the blocking system to be working correctly, however HuffPost UK has reached out to WhatsApp for comment on the bug and whether or not it’s investigating it.

For the moment though it looks as though there’s actually a pretty simple workaround if you are experiencing this problem.

Simple head to Settings and then click on Account and then Privacy. You can then access all the numbers that you have blocked. Simply unblock the person in question and re-add them. Don’t worry, you won’t suddenly receive all the messages they’ve tried to send and it should rectify the bug.


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