Adele's Water Under The Bridge Inspires TikTok Trend After She Said She Didn't Want To Make Music For The App

Who knew Megan Thee Stallion and Adele would work so well together?
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Adele has ended up inadvertently inspiring an unlikely new TikTok dance challenge, after recently saying she had no interest in making music aimed at users of the app.

While promoting her new album 30, the record-breaking star spoke to Zane Lowe for Apple Music about how the music industry has changed since her last release, 25.

As we were wrapping up the mixing [of the album] and all of that, the conversation of TikTok came up a lot, right? So I’m like ‘Tik-a-Tok-a-who?’,” she joked.

“They were like, we’ve really got to make sure these 14-year-olds know who you are, and I was like, ‘but they’ve all got mums!’. They’ve all got mums and they’ve definitely been growing up listening to my music, these 14-year-olds, and stuff like that.”

Adele added: “If everyone’s making music for the TikTok, who’s making the music for my generation? Who’s making the music for my peers? I will do that job gladly.

“I’d rather cater to people that are on my level in terms of the amount of time we’ve spent on Earth and all the things we’ve been through.”

As it turns out, though, Adele has got it in her to start a TikTok trend without even trying.

Last week, a tweet went viral mashing up Megan Thee Stallion’s dancing at the American Music Awards with the Adele ballad Water Under The Bridge.

Since then, TikTok users have taken it upon themselves to try and recreate the clip – complete with Megan’s exact Body choreography – with completely ridiculous results…


If your gonna let me down, let me down gently 😘 #adele #megantheestallion

♬ Water Under the Bridge - Adele

we kinda ate @zachmolton 🖤 (ib: @treclements )

♬ Water Under the Bridge - Adele

Comment which one you are 🐐✨ @errolbasconcillo

♬ Water Under the Bridge - Adele

i knew this choreo for so long now 😭 since body first came out 🤣 #adele #dance #dancer #majorette #body #music #viral #foryou #fyp #fypシ ☺️

♬ Water Under the Bridge - Adele

girl i let the emotions take over (choreo: @JaQuel Knight ) @theestallion

♬ Water Under the Bridge - Adele

Frankly, there are “collaborations we never knew we needed in our lives”, and then there’s this…


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