5 Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands In The UK For Sustainable Fashion

Not being able to find sustainable fashion shouldn’t be the reason we shop fast fashion.

Caring about your clothes’ environmental footprint and their impact on the those who made them, is a concern for an increasing number of people. But although 60% of millennials say they want to shop sustainably, only 37% actually buy sustainable clothing, according to textile research institute Oeko-Tex Association.

Not being able to find sustainable fashion shouldn’t be the reason we shop fast fashion. So, we’ve made it easier for you, by rounding up five brands that are not only pushing for ecologically friendly materials and equality for workers, but will cover your needs from swimwear to wedding guest outfits:


Birdsong promises no sweatshops and no photoshop - two principals we applaud. They have a particular focus on improving conditions for female garment workers and their clothing is made by the members of women’s groups and charities in London. All workers are paid a London living wage and have access to a range of support.

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Birdsong also uses organic cotton and has a partnership with clothes recycling charity Traid, so some garments are made out of second hand fabrics that would usually end up in a dump.

Prices at Birdsong range from £30 to £150. HuffPost UK’s favourite picks are: ‘No Borders’ T-shirt, £32, Abstract Day Tote, £26, and the Gold Plated Moebius Pendant by Relevée, £43.

Know The Origin

This online shop has a commitment to transparency and diversity. All their clothes are only ever made in factories the team has personally visited - all of which are listed to the website alongside product shots featuring a diverse range of models.

Owner, Charlotte promises her shop is “free of weird itchy tree jumpers, £££ price tags, sweatshops, human trafficking, environmental destruction and super secretive supply chains”.

Prices at Know The Origin range from £20 to £70. HuffPost UK’s favourite picks are: Kata Black bodycon dress £40, Pumpkin Stella Low Cut Bamboo Bra, £34, and abstract T-shirt, £22.

Project Pico

An underwear store with a difference - the collection is made out of soft Fairtrade cotton in a factory in the south of India. The story of how their underwear is made, from sewing the cotton seeds to how finished items are shipped to the UK, is shared on Project Pico’s website. There are three women’s styles: the low rise knicker, the high wait knicker and the full brief as well as trunks for men.

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Prices range from £16 to £18. HuffPost UK picks are: high waist knicker in ecru, £18, full brief in charcoal, £18, and trunk shorts in dark navy-grey, £16.

Matt And Nat

This Montreal-based brand’s name comes from two words: material and nature. All the bags and accessories are made from vegan leather - a type called PU (polyurethane) is used where possible as this is less harmful to the environment than PVC. The linings are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles and recently recycled bicycle tires have been added to the process.

The brand also has close relationships with the factories where the accessories are made and they ensure they qualify for the SA8000 standard certification, which requires the fair treatment of workers.

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Prices range from £18.75 to £188. HuffPost UK’s picks: Aki Ruby belt bag, £77, Farre Wallet, £50, Magistral Horizon Notepad, £52.


Items are made from sustainable material such as organic wool, cotton and linen, as well as Tencel (natural and sustainable fibre made out of wood cellulose) and recyled polyester.

They also have super green packaging, which is made out of 40% grass and 60% FSC-certified wood pulp.

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Prices range from £14.90-£149.90. HuffPost UK’s picks: Rila blouse, £52.49, printed bird T-shirt, £26.20, and rose headband, £13.06.

Have we missed any of your favourite sustainable shops? Comment below any suggestions.


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